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Why use Parra?

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Validate Ideas

The most costly features are the ones that should never have been built. Run surveys to  priotize the best ideas and eliminate costly product roadmap blunders.

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Increase Response Rates

Don’t let important questions get buried in an inbox. Reduce friction by putting surveys directly in front of your customers.

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Better Data

All means of of user feedback are biased in some way. Parra is biased towards your most active users and not just those who check their inbox or reach out directly.

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Save Time

No more waiting for the monthly user survey email to get your question answered. Begin collecting data immediately and continuously to make decisive product decisions.

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Delight Customers

Give your customers a seat at the table to build products that truly delight them.

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Feedback at Scale

Talking to customers is essential but does not scale well. Confirm insights against your entire customer base prior to decision making.

Find out what your customers care about most. Then build it.

Gain actionable insights and refine your product roadmap


Choose when, where, and how to show the Parra feedback module to your customers


Stylize Parra to seamlessly match the look and feel of your app or website

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A powerful suite of tools for all your customer research needs

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Ask your users any type of question you can imagine. From multiple choice to choosing between images

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Quickly construct campaigns from our evergrowing question bank

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Simple Pricing

Parra pricing featues a generous free tier and plans for any business size

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Invite your teammates to collaborate and configure different roles

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Advanced Metrics

All the data and visualization tools you need to make the best decisions for your company

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Integrations & Webhooks

Send your campaign data to your favorite third party platforms