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I’m writing today to announce the launch of a new product to the world. Parra...

I’m writing today to announce the launch of a new product to the world. Parra is a native SDK for conducting continuous user research within your app or website. Think of it like an embeddable Twitter Poll or Google Form that you can customize to fit the look and feel of your app to ask questions directly to your users wherever, whenever, or however you see fit.

Working with startups the past decade, it has become painfully obvious that user research and product roadmapping are, simply put, broken. So many product teams are either blindly guessing what to build next because they don’t have the data to make effective decisions or they are only considering the opinions of a small, vocal segment of their user base causing precious time and resources to be spent building things that don’t move the needle nearly enough or put them any closer to true product-market fit. These mistakes are expensive and demoralizing. Customer survey emails have abysmal response rates and bias towards people who fill out surveys instead of your most active users. Effective user research is extremely expensive and out of reach for small companies. These issues are symptom of the solutions on the market.

Parra aims to address these issues by reducing friction of clunky customer service emails and creating a continuous stream of communication between software creators and all active users while empowering product teams with the data they need to make the most impactful decisions to build better products. Parra was founded with a simple premise: building a product should be a collaborative process with all stakeholders’ input.

I will write updates along the way so if you’re interested please give me a follow on Medium or Twitter. I appreciate you reading this far and would love if you would checkout Parra or share this link with anyone who may find it helpful. If you like the idea and want to learn more or have any other feedback, my email is below and I’d love to hear from you.

Ian MacCallum